When attempting to send iTRANS / EDI, users get the generic error message 'Encryption is not allowed for this carrier.'


This is a generic error message and seldom has anything to do with encryption for the carrier.  There are a variety of causes for this error. Please see below for steps to troubleshoot.


1. Reboot your PC

Certificates are stored and claims sent from your workstation, not the server. Reboot your workstation and try again.

2. Check the iTRANS network status

Go to and see if there are any problems with the iTRANS network.

3. Ensure that the certificates for your providers are installed

Plesae ensure that digital certificates are installed for each provider on each workstation you wish to send from.  Note that if you recently changed your computer's password, these certificates will be then invalid and need to be removed and re-installed.  LiveDDM sends invoices to iTRANS using the overseer on the invoice.

For help installing CDANet digital certificates, please contact CDANet or visit their website at:

To check to see what digital certificates are installed, click on start and type Internet Explorer and launch it. 

Click on the gear icon, top right to get to options.  

Click on the 'Content' tab, then on the 'Certificates' button:

You will see them listed in the 'Certificates' window:

Ensure there is a certificate for each provider you are sending for (LiveDDM uses the overseer's UID and certificate on the invoice to send to itrans)

4. If it is a brand new provider you just set up, you may have to wait a few days

It takes time for a provider's information to propogate through the EDI network. iTRANS advises to wait a few days for the providers information to be given to all the insurance carriers. If you find that some claims are going through and other's aren't, please contact the insurance company directly so they can be alerted to add the provider.

5. Sending the ica.log file to LiveDDM tech support

If none of these resolutions work for you, please send your ica.log file to us via email so we can evaluate the error messages in it.


  1. After getting the error, click on start, go to my computer
  2. Navigate to c:\program files\liveddm
  3. Double click on ica.log
  4. (note, there are two ica files, one is ica.log and the other is ica.ini, the file you want has date/time stamps in it)
  5. Copy and paste the contents of ica.log to an email reply to the ticket