A  Patient has been accidentally entered twice into the system, creating a duplicate Patient chart.   In this case you may wish to merge the two records together into a single instance.

Unfortunately, LiveDDM does not support this operation.  Use the resolution below to help mitigate the problem.


Please use the following process to handle duplicate patients:

  1. Pick the instance of the Patient with the most information and make that Patient the primary Patient
  2. Make a note on the secondary Patient in order to identify it as the duplicate. For example, you can change the Manual Chart # to "duplicate".
  3. Make a note on the primary Patient that there's a duplicate file that may need to be referred to for historical information.  You can refer to the Manual Chart # from step 2.
  4. Move any appointments booked under the secondary Patient over to the primary Patient
  5. Ensure both Patients are set to have the same Responsible Family Member (RFM)
  6. Deactivate the secondary Patient's chart