This article will guide you through the steps required to  bridge LiveDDM to Dexis.

Please note that this article applies to Dexis v10


  1. Ensure that both LiveDDM v6 and Dexis v10 are already installed on the workstation
  2. Download the CLDexis installation package and unzip it to a local folder
  3. Run CLDexis.msi to install CLDexis
  4. Navigate to c:\Program Files (x86)\CLDexis and rename CLDexis.exe to CLDexis.exe.old
  5. In the install folder from step 2, navigate to the Update folder and copy CLDexis.exe to c:\Program Files (x86)\CLDexis

Configure LiveDDM

  1. Log into LiveDDM.  From the main menu, navigate to User -> Terminal Settings -> Imaging
  2. Set one of the drop-downs to CaptureLink (not Dexis)
  3. Click the browse icon and browse to c:\program files (x86)\CLDexis\CLDexis.exe
  4. Launch the bridge.  CLDexis will ask where the location of Dexis is on first run.   Enter:  c:\program files (x86)\Dexis and answer any remaining questions if required. 
  5. If configured correctly, the bridge should launch Dexis with the correct Patient