You can access the master list of templates that can be used throughout LiveDDM by navigating in the file menu to Setup-->office categories and then using the drop down menu to select templates.

This is where all of the Microsoft Office Word master templates are stored.  If you have not created any templates, the list will be empty.  From here you can manage your templates, create, edit, and delete.   Any templates imported/created here will be available when you create a new electronic document for a patient.

Create a Microsoft Word document that you plan to use multiple times for patients (for example, a consent form).  Then insert tags (list of tags is below) so that when creating a new document for a patient on their chart and using a template, their name and other fields of information are automatically added.

Note: Microsoft Word 2010 or better required and Word must be set to save files as .doc files. .docx files are NOT supported and will not work with LiveDDM v6 templates and mail merge.

Creating a Template:

LiveDDM allows you to create a template for regularly used letters and save those templates in the system on a per-patient basis.  When you want to create a letter for a patient you have the opportunity to create a fresh new document, or to use a template which will then be customized according to the tags in the template; the tags are replaced with that patient's information stored in their chart (example, birth date, preferred hygienist, etc).


1. Refer to the list of Template Tags below.  LiveDDM has a comprehensive list of Template Tags that can be used in your documents, and then replaced by the patient information when you print the letter.  Items such as patient name, address, preferred doctor, and account balance, can be inserted.  

2. Create your document in Microsoft Word.  Open Word and type your letter, using < > to surround the custom fields.  To insert the patient name, for instance, type: <FirstName> <LastName> Save the letter in the folder of your choice, My Documents) for example.  For Clients using Microsoft Office 2007, be sure to save as and the scroll down menu will give you different options, choose WORD 97-2003 Document, then save in My Documents folder, for example.

3. Create a new template.  In LiveDDM, open Set Up, Office Categories, Templates.  Click New and browse for the letter you created.  Click Open.  You now have a new template in LiveDDM.

4. Print a Customized Letter for a patient.  Go to the patient’s chart and click the Documents tab.  Under Electronic Documents, click New.   Click the arrow beside Document Based on Template, and click on the template you created.  In the Document Name box type a name for the letter.  Click Save.  

  5.  Edit the letter if you wish.  The letter will now open in minimized form in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.  You will get the following message box asking you to select OK to save any changes:  


Description of Tag
What to put in word document that will be merged
First Name
Last Name
Middle Initial
Full Name
Secondary Address
Sign Up Date
Birth Date
Other #
Home Ext
Business Ext
Other Ext
Medical Alert(s)
Best Phone Number
Best Appointment Time
Email Address
Manual Chart Number (MCN)
Account Balance
Family Account Balance
Patient Balance
Family Patient Balance
Patient Insurance Balance
Family Insurance Balance
Preferred Dentist
Preferred Hygienist
Primary Employer
Secondary Employer
Referring Dentist Name
Referring Dentist First Name
Today’s Date
Recall Date