Please see this article for recommended hardware for taking digital signatures:

Installing Topaz Drivers & Plugins

Before you being, please download and unpack the Topaz Driver Package

Only 32-bit versions of Microsoft Word 2010 or newer are supported.


1. Install the signature pad driver according to the signature pad model you have (note: if using touchscreen driver, then  you will need to install the touch screen driver.)


2. Install the Topaz Office plugins (note: see configuring Word & Macros at the end of this document)


3.  Finger print scanner driver. Run this installer as Administrator and in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP (Service Pack2 '.  Just pick defaults. You will get errors, because there is no finger print hardware attached, but ignore it. Pick the vista option when asked.


4. Install Sig Valid, use defaults.


5. Install Sig compare, use defaults.


Configuring Microsoft Word & Macros

This is an important step to ensure your system is able to use the Topaz signature components while still being protected from other Macros that may intend to harm your PC.  Please follow these steps carefully.

1. Set your version of word to save documents as .doc (File-->options-->save-->save files in this format)

2. Set the macro settings by going to file-->options-->trust center-->trust center settings.

Step 1 - Under macro settings, set it to 'disable all macros except digitally signed macros'

Step 2 - Add to word as a trusted macro document.  Open my file explorer and go to your c drive, and search for (best have view-->details on). Find where is installed in the Microsoft Office Startup directory, right click on the file and say open path. Click on the breadcrumb and  Copy that path.

Step 3. - Go back to Microsoft Word and click on 'trusted locations' and click on the 'add a new location' button.  Erase the path that is in there and add the startup path you copied (for office 2016 it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\STARTUP)

Click OK and restart word -- the macro should now function properly.

Testing signatures


To test: log into LiveDDM, go to user-->terminal settings and check off 'use signature pad' -- restart LiveDDM.


Signatures can be tested in Microsoft word using the topaz add-in tab’s pencil icon. Signatures can be tested in liveddm by creating a test patient and then going to new à medical history, clicking through to the end, then clicking on the pencil icon at the top.