The LiveDDM Management Client (LMC) is a new component of the LiveDDM ecosystem.  The LMC is a modern, web based service that manages backend operations for LiveDDM and allows for a more seamless experience when it comes to support, performance and updates.

Click here for information on how to install the LiveDDM Management Client.


The LMC is responsible for Fee Guide management in LiveDDM.  You can use the LMC to manage existing Fee Guides or install new Fee Guides as they become available.

Click here for more information on how to import Fee Guides using the LMC.


In the past, it was necessary to run a tool called the "Update Wizard" in order to update your Office to the latest version of LiveDDM.  The LMC eliminates the need for the Update Wizard and will keep your office up-to-date automatically.

In addition, the new system allows for targeted updates which means fixes and patches that are specific to your Office can be deployed faster.

My Cloud Forms 

LiveDDM integrates with My Cloud Forms to bring a seamless fillable form experience to your Practice and Patients.  The LMC communicates with the My Cloud Forms service and ensures that submitted documents are automatically brought into LiveDDM for safe keeping.

Not a My Cloud Forms user and want more info?  You can get more information from their website.