This article provides guidance on how to use a Tablet in your office with Web Forms to accommodate Patient's that may not have access to Web Forms on their own devices.


The information contained within this article is for guidance purposes only.  The Doctor Company, Inc does not take responsibility for any issues that may arise from following the recommendations herein. Hardware, Security, Work Flow and Disinfection Protocols are the sole responsibility of your Office.


While Web Forms were designed to help reduce contact points between Patient's and your Office, there are cases where Patient's are unable to use Web Forms on their own device.  For example, those that are elderly and have difficulty using a Smart Phone.

To help illustrate the guidance in this article, we will pretend that we have a Patient, Jane Smith, who will be visiting the Office and must fill out a COVID-19 screening form.  Jane does not have access to a Smart Phone and does not have email.  

This means that the office cannot send Jane a Web Form email or text message.  The alternative is to have Jane fill in the form once she arrives at the Office.

Setting Up

To accommodate the scenario your office will need the following:

  1. General Office Email account (preferably one created for explicit use by Web Forms)
  2. A tablet (or suitable hardware) running a modern browser (ex: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc)

Set the tablet up so that it has easy access to the email account mentioned above.  This can be done by either installing a dedicated email or setting up short cuts to web mail.


Once your tablet and email are setup, the following process can be followed to satisfy the Scenario above.

  1. Jane arrives at the office
  2. Front Desk pull up her record in LiveDDM and send the COVID-19 Screening Form via Web Form to the office email account mentioned above
  3. Front Desk brings up the email client on the tablet and launches the Web Form
  4. Front Desk hands the tablet to the Jane
  5. Jane fills in the form, signs it and clicks Submit
  6. Jane hands the tablet back to Front Desk
  7. Front Desk pull in the form to Jane's Document record via LiveDDM